Register your Spanish Trade Mark


Register your European Union Trade Mark


Why choose SIRK?

  • We are dedicated to young entrepreneurs and their brand-new ideas
  • Our aim is to protect your business
  • We provide your the fastest and most efficient service! Application fort there registration of your Spanish trademark will be submitted within 48 hours after the receipt of your payment.
  • Services tailored to your needs. With us you will only receive personalized attention!
  • We keep you safe! We provide a Trade Mark Watch!

Why it’s a good idea to register your trademark

  • It gives you exclusive rights to use the trademark  in Spain/ Europe in connection with your products or services
  • As the proprietor of a trade mark you are entitled to prevent all third parties not having your consent from using it in the course of trade, in relation to the goods or services you registered it for.
  • Your clients will recognize your trademark easier
  • It helps you stay present and distinctive in your customers mind
  • You avoid losing customers and money in case you have to change the name of your business if you later find out someone else already registered the same trade mark
  • You may stop other from using a confusingly similar trademark
  • Protection is granted for ten years since the trademark application! Once the ten years are over you can renew it!